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Take Chances

It’s looks as if like things are bad everywhere, that’s what we see and read on tv and in the newspapers, though things are really bad though in some parts of the country, theres hope. Say here, in Louisiana things really aren’t that bad, you almost can’t tell that the economy has dropped. So with that said, I think we shouldn’t give up and maybe all this means is that we should all follow our dreams now, there’s really nothing else to lose when you lost everything…..That’s what happening here, many people are moving to south because the land, property, and houses are cheap and there’s tons of room for growth. There are towns and cities here that haven’t seen any real movement until now, so for people here in Louisiana we will see change happen over the next year or so. The city of Lafayette will have wimax soon (that’s a new type of wireless internet) somtime next year I think there preparing the largest rural network in the world…….

(http://www.allbusiness.com/media-telecommunications/data-transmission-broadband/5630118-1.html )


so there are good things happening despite all the negative things we are hearing on the news….

So don’t give up lets all start taking chances